Agnosis is a cyberpunk-ish techno thriller set in the distant future. John Dorian and Amara Cain are tech employees of the Masonic Archive Infocache, a personality/personal data digital archive. While tracking and eliminating a data spider that has infiltrated the Infocache, Dorian, the resident IT dork and erstwhile systems hacker, unwittingly uncovers a galaxy-spanning conspiracy to enslave all of humanity to a semi-divine alien race.

Assisted only by the virtual avatar of their nemesis, John and Amara spiral from universe to dataverse, race against time and the overpowering foes to unravel the secret obsession of the most renowned technological pioneer in human history.


Agnosis was originally blogged on Wincing at Light from January 2008 to April 2008. It is now hosted on its own archived site. Read and/or download it here.